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About Us

SEFiA, is a research oriented environmental NGO based in Ankara, Turkey. SEFiA focuses on energy transition, climate change and low-carbon development discussion from the lens of economics and financial analysis.

Work Areas

SEFiA explores the low-carbon transition pathways and their economic effects; follows the transformation in the global finance trends towards combating climate change; analyzes economic and financial risks and opportunities arising from climate change and energy transformation, and publishes reports.


SEFiA adopts values of participation and inclusiveness in its work. There is an open exchange of knowledge and opinions with experts and stakeholders through workshops, round tables and one-on-one interviews. These opinions are reflected on its works.


SEFiA closely follows the climate change and energy transition agenda and publishes up-to-date blog entries evaluating global and national developments.



New Report by APLUS Energy and the SEFiA: Increasing Electricity Prices and the Impact of Renewable Energy Sources on the Market

15 December 2022|

Renewable Energy is the Cure for Inflation A new report by APLUS Energy and the Sustainable Economics and Finance Research Association (SEFiA) reveals that the increase in renewable e [...]

Modernisation of The Turkey-EU Customs Union: Building a New Partnership on Past Achievements

9 September 2021|

This paper argues that CU modernisation, in line with the changing imperatives brought along with the Green Deal, provides a concrete step in preparing the ground for a positive agenda [...]

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