SEFiA, is a research oriented environmental NGO based in Ankara, Turkey. SEFiA focuses on energy transition, climate change and low-carbon development discussion from the lens of economics and financial analysis. SEFiA works in close ties with  the environmental NGO sphere, by addressing their research needs through academic integrity. While its  main domain of research is Turkey, SEFiA also seeks opportunities for building alliances with international peers to enhance the knowledge base.

Its research topics include the impact analysis of alternative low-carbon economy pathways; the tracking of the transformation in global financial flows towards combating climate change; the economic and financial risks arising from climate change and energy transition. SEFiA aims to contribute to the design of low-carbon economic policies through its in-house expert capacity and studies conducted with researchers who are experts in their fields. Its ultimate goal is to ensure the implementation of these policies, therefore SEFiA also pursues the necessary communication of its research outputs towards this goal.

SEFiA prioritizes the public interest in its work and supports participation. Through the workshops, roundtables and one-on-one meetings it organizes, it comes together with stakeholders operating in different fields such as the public, private sector, academia and civil society, exchanges views, and reflects these views on its work.


  • Objective
  • Inclusive
  • Responsible
  • Relevant
  • Knowledge-based

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