You are invited to the panel discussion on Turkey’s decarbonization pathway and coal phase out at #COP26: Thursday 4 November, Pavilion of Turkey

Turkey’s ratification of the Paris Agreement and the announcement of its net zero target for 2053 were welcomed both in Turkey and in the world. However, the question of what steps Turkey will take to meet its climate targets is still open.

Environmental and climate NGOs agree that the easiest and most realistic step for Turkey to become carbon neutral is to exit coal. 

Is it possible for Turkey to phase out coal by 2030, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement? What arrangements are needed for this? What are the benefits of phasing out coal? The report “First Step in the Pathway to a Carbon Neutral Turkey: Phase Out Coal 2030” prepared by APLUS Energy for Europe Beyond Coal, European Climate Action Network (CAN EUROPE), Sustainable Economics and Finance Association (SEFiA), WWF – Turkey (World Wildlife Fund), Greenpeace Mediterranean, and Climate Change Policy and Research Association, seeks answers for all these questions.


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